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Sunday, December 19, 2004
  Welcome to my Firefox Extensions blog

This blog will primarily focus on reviewing and commenting on the various extensions found for our favorite web browser. And if for some strange reason Firefox is currently not your favorite browser, it just might be after you have tried out some of the great extensions that exist to make this browser more helpful than ever. I will also post tips and tricks when using the browser and the extensions.

As I review extensions, I will rate them as follows (on a 1-5 scale):
In the future I will probably review Thunderbird extensions and maybe Mozilla ones as well. But my primary focus will be on Firefox.

- Kyle Sherman
I too love the Opera browser. It was my primary browser until recently when I started to really enjoy using Firefox full time. Adding the fact that Firefox is open source while Opera is closed and that Firefox has a lot more extenions than Opera, and throw in my personal experience of Firefox being more able to render web pages correctly than Opera, leads me to focus my current attention on it.

I do still use Opera daily though, mostly because I'm always restarting Firefox while trying new extensions. Also, Opera handles crash recovery better than Firefox (specificly Opera "never" loses my tabs after a crash, while Firefox will sometimes).
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